28 Days To Clean

Take control of your health without gimmicks, special supplements or "hacks". Just use REAL FOOD.
No need to count calories, points, fat, carbs, or protein grams.
No more anxiety about what to eat.
No need for exotic ingredients or special culinary skills.
We need to change the way we think about food
...and we can do that together
If you've tried any of the trending diet or nutrition programs recently, you may be confused and overwhelmed.

Is fat the cause of heart disease? Are carbs the cause of weight gain and diabetes? Do I need to go vegan to be healthy? What about gluten and dairy and macronutrient counts and intermittent fasting?

No wonder we're all confused.

The problem is that most of these ideas (and the research behind them) aren't being applied to a world where food is just food. We've processed and stripped the vital nutrients from much of our food in the name of shelf stability, convenience, and an overdeveloped sweet tooth.

Back when food came mostly from farms in fairly natural states, eating fewer calories than you burn probably did a nice job of keeping you healthy and trim (diseases notwithstanding). Unfortunately, our food landscape is quite a bit different now.

This book shows you how to navigate our current food system in a simple way that strips out all the fads and gimmicks and just gets back to real food. Imagine a way to eat that just makes sense and works. This book shows you how.
When you buy this book, you'll get:
Part I: Clean Eating
Part I will give you the ins and outs of clean eating in a concise and simple format. It will blow your mind how easy the concepts are. You won't believe it even works (it does). You won't need to learn everything in detail, but you'll understand why this plan is structured the way it is.
Part II: The Plan
Part II is a 28-day plan completely laid out for you. There's an entire page for each day as well as daily worksheets and checklists to help you stay on track for the 4 weeks. There's even a transition section to help you do it on your own when you're done.
Part III: The Recipes
All the recipes you need to complete the 28-day plan are included in the book with full color pictures. The recipes don't require exotic ingredients and they're simple to make. You'll enjoy tasty meals that are practical for people with limited time and experience.
Ryan Chapman, NTC, is the founder and owner (along with Heidi Boortz) of 90/10 Nutrition, an online nutrition company providing education, recipes, and meal planning based on eating real food. Ryan is a former mechanical engineer who found a passion for nutrition after losing 100 pounds. He now spends his time working with people who are tired of dieting. He believes in a shame-free approach to nutrition and health that doesn't focus on weight loss or body shape as a primary measure of health. His philosophy centers around the idea that the ingredients in our food matter for our health. He holds a certification as a Nutritional Therapy Consultant (NTC) from the Nutritional Therapy Association.
See what our test group had to say
This plan makes clean eating easy and convenient. I love the way it makes me feel.
Randee M.
By far the best clean eating plan for those wanting to start on the clean eating lifestyle!
Kelli C.
This book gave me the tools I needed to actually follow through with the whole plan. Ryan has designed it for success. I can't wait to start it all over again!
Joanne C.
A clean eating lifestyle is a big goal of mine, this plan was the perfect jump start! In 28 days I lost over 10 lbs eating delicious, easy, healthy meals that the whole family enjoyed!
Sara G.
This meal plan is great for someone wanting to start clean eating.  So easy!
Jacki G.
The recipes are simple and easy to follow with no weird or hard to find ingredients.
Karen H.
The entire book introduction is included on this site so you can really get the sense for what this book is all about (and what Ryan is all about). If you are not sure this is for you, take 2-3 minutes to read this introduction.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions
Is this book like keto or paleo or any other diet?
The short answer to this question is "no". This book doesn't require you to keep carbs below a certain level and it's not connected directly to the paleo or primal diets.
Does the plan tell me exactly what to eat?
Yes, the plan tells you exactly what to eat every day. There are guidelines for substitutions if you wish to make changes to the plan.
Is the plan set up for a family?
The plan is set up for one person. It can certainly be scaled for a family, but all ingredient amounts and servings are set up for one person to accomplish the plan.
Do I have to cook every night?
There is a new dinner recipe every night for the 28 days. However, lunches are often leftovers from the night before. So, you won't have to cook entire recipes for lunch. Breakfasts are often made ahead of time with several servings to use throughout the week. Also, most of the recipes are very simple and take less than 30 minutes of active prep and cook time.
Are the recipes gluten free?
Yes. The recipes in this book do not contain any foods that typically have gluten in them. It's important to note that this is only done as a test for the 28 days and isn't required for everyone for the long term. The transition at the end of the plan helps you decide if you need to continue to go gluten free.
Are the recipes dairy free?
The recipes in this book are mostly dairy free. There is some cultured dairy in the form of yogurt as well as some butter. As with gluten, this is only done as a test for the 28 days and isn't required for everyone for the long term. The transition at the end of the plan helps you decide if you need to continue to go dairy free or only cultured dairy.
Will I lose weight on this plan?
Although the focus of the plan is not solely on weight loss, most people do lose weight on this plan. The test group lost an average of 7 pounds in the 4 weeks.
I ordered but I didn't get my stuff. What do I do?
Please email info@9010nutrition.com and we'll help.
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